Pie THCa Blunt 2G Dusted with Isolate


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Introducing our Blunt Pre Roll infused with the delightful flavors of Cheery Pie OG and Kelime OG! Crafted to elevate your smoking experience, these pre-rolls offer a perfect blend of robust aroma and tantalizing taste.

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As you explore Earthly Hemps’ Shop Page, immerse yourself in the world of premium-quality THCa Pre Rolls and Blunt Pre Roll varieties. Our carefully curated collection showcases an array of blends, including THCa-infused pre rolls and meticulously crafted blunt options. Elevate your cannabis experience with our exceptional products designed to meet the needs of discerning enthusiasts.

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At Earthly Hemps, we prioritise quality and purity in every product we offer. Our THCa Pre Rolls stand out for their exceptional potency and unique blends, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Crafted with precision and care, these pre rolls contain the finest ingredients, sourced to deliver unparalleled quality and taste.

Exploring Our Blunt Pre Roll Selection

Indulge in the rich flavours and potent effects of our Blunt Pre Roll varieties. Earthly Hemps takes pride in presenting a diverse range of options, meticulously rolled and expertly crafted to provide an enjoyable smoking experience. Whether you seek a mellow, balanced blend or a robust, flavorful choice, our collection caters to every preference.

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As you navigate our Shop Page, discover Earthly Hemps’ signature THCa Pre Rolls. Meticulously developed to offer optimal potency and purity. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each pre roll delivers a consistent and satisfying experience, reflecting our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Experience the Earthly Hemps Difference

Choosing Earthly Hemps means selecting premium-grade THCa Pre Rolls and Blunt Pre Roll blends that redefine excellence. With a focus on quality, purity, and customer satisfaction, our brand stands as a beacon of trustworthiness in the cannabis industry.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

Keylime OG, Cherry OG