Kush Mint


This well-known cultivar, which is also known as Kush Mint, is adored by both consumers and breeders and is frequently utilized as a starting point for other strains. When you crush up the milky white trichome-rich buds, which have lovely dense blossoms and milky white hues, they pile up on top of the green nugs with purple undertones.

Another potent strain from Seed Junky Genetics that has earned its spot on menus at dispensaries across the country is Kush Mints. It was created by mating Animals Mints with Bubba Kush, creating a harmonious cross with earthy, minty flavors and a strong high that will lull you into a state of happiness as a traditional Kush cultivar should.

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Kush Mint smells like a good weed: a rich olfactory feast for the senses with funk and mild earthy, herbal overtones. Users rave about how the flavor is like a minty breath of fresh air when consumed.

Indeed, the most frequently reported flavors are lemon and mint or menthol, with herbaceous piney undertones and notes of spice. The terpene profile is prominent in limonene, the molecule that gives lemon rinds their citrus flavor. Lemon Tree and Jack Herer are two other strains with significant levels of limonene.

The spiciness of Kush Mint is most likely due to caryophyllene, a terpene found in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. Girl Scout Cookies and Animal Cookies are two other strains that have a lot of this spicy terpene.

The floral notes in this strain are derived from the same terpene found in lavender, rose, and basil: linalool, which is also abundant in hemp strains such as Lavender and Kosher Kush.


As with any strain, there is a wide range of reported symptoms, although there are some common descriptions. You’ll hear about Kush Mints’ strong exhilaration, which is also perfect for daytime ingestion due to how uplifted it may leave consumers feeling. Kush Mints appears to be one of those strains that have virtually contradicting effects, with consumers reporting that it makes them feel excited but also relaxed.

Kush Mints are use by some people to increase their activities, such as a simple walk around the neighborhood or a night out on the dancefloor. Others rave about how effective it is at relieving tension, allowing the human mind to be present and appreciate the moment.

Kush Mints frequently describe it as a cerebral rather than a physical experience, but it can both depend on the person. You’ll hear stories about how the aforementioned powerful exhilaration will initially hit behind your eyelids and then spread to the rest of your face as you have a magnificent case of the giggles for the next few hours.

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