La Bomba Strain


Unleash the power of the La Bamba strain, an Indica-dominant hybrid that promises a journey of exquisite relaxation. This premium variety is the lovechild of the renowned Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel Gelato strains, offering an unparalleled experience of calming euphoria. With its 70% indica and 30% sativa composition, the La Bamba strain masterfully balances soothing tranquility and revitalizing energy for a perfect equilibrium. Experience the unique charm of the La Bamba Weed strain, a testament to the art of hemp cultivation. Let the La Bamba marijuana strain be your choice for an uplifting, yet soothing escape. Choose LA BAMBA strain, the finest blend of serenity and invigoration.

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La Bomba Strain Effects

This Indica dominant La Bomba Strain provides long-lasting sensations and relieves stiff muscles, joint pain, and insomnia. Its Sativa aspect produces a soft stimulation that helps you stay focused and connected to your surroundings. Its potent effects can last for up to 2 hours. In some instances, the effects can be a bit overwhelming for smokers without much tolerance.

La Bomba Strain flavors

Regarding its organoleptic properties, this strain features a unique and explosive terpene combination with citrus aromas that evoke lemon with vanilla touches. Its flavors are sweet, creamy, and minty with floral notes and a gassy Kush background. Its dense smoke fills the room with a cocktail of fragrances.

How to grow La Bomba Strain outdoors

This strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor growth. Outdoors, it develops better in warm climates, although it resists humidity like a champ. It can yield up to 1000 grams per plant and it is ready for harvest by the end of September or the start of October in the northern hemisphere. Its flowers are colorful, compact, with orange pistils and a shiny layer of resin.

La Bomba, by Compound Genetics, is a feminized seed that provides an explosion of sensations and aromas. It was created by crossing Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel Gelato and combines the best of both genetics. This Indica dominant strain is perfect for doing extracts.

This Strain is a versatile option for growers, flourishing both indoors and outdoors. Its robust resistance to humidity makes it a solid choice for various climates. When cultivated outdoors, this strain can yield up to an impressive 1000 grams per plant. Harvest time usually falls between late September and early October in the northern hemisphere. With its colorful, compact flowers adorned with orange pistils and a resinous sheen, La Bomba is a visually stunning strain. This feminized seed, born from the union of Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel Gelato, embodies the essence of both genetics, offering a sensory explosion for hemp enthusiasts.

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