Rainbow Strains


Discover the uplifting Dark Rainbow strain, an even hybrid with a delightful blend of GMO’s intense aroma and Rainbow Belts’ sweet lemon-lime. Enjoy a pleasant, creative high, and soothing pain relief without heaviness. Perfect for happy relaxation.

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Rainbow Strains

Rainbow hemp, also known as Rainbow Kush, is a beloved hybrid strain renowned for its vibrant colors and delightful effects. It’s a cross between Dancehall and Blueberry, resulting in a well-balanced hybrid that is loved by both recreational and medical users. Let’s go deeper into where Rainbow strains came from, what makes them unique, and why they’re so beneficial.

The Origins of Rainbow Strain 

The story of Rainbow Bud is fascinating, with one parent strain being immensely popular and the other relatively unknown. Lifetime Seeds produced the original Rainbow bud by crossing Blueberry, known for its berry-flavored hemp hybrids, with Dancehall, a lesser-known strain with diverse genetics.

Additionally, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) Company created their version of the Rainbow Kush by combining Master Kush and Hindu Kush with Montel’s Pride. Montel’s Pride is a hybrid of a Mexican landrace and Skunk cultivars. This AMS version offers a balanced hybrid with a blend of relaxing and happy effects.

Colors of Rainbow Strain 

Rainbow buds are truly a sight to behold with their striking colors. The plant develops a wide spectrum of colors from blue to purple to green to white to red and orange as it blooms. This astonishing change enhances the charm and attractiveness of the strain.

Rainbow Scents and Flavors 

Strain Rainbow strains are known for their diverse aromas and flavors. Sweet and fruity notes, including pine, honey, grapefruit, and a bouquet of flowers, are described by several consumers. The flavor is similarly delightful, featuring spicy-sweet notes and tangy grapefruit undertones.

The potency of Rainbow Strain 

Rainbow Plants boast above-average THC levels, ranging from 17% to 22%. It’s balanced high delivers euphoria, relaxation, and a mild body melt. It’s a suitable strain for daytime or evening use, offering a creative high without overwhelming sedation.

Medical Benefits of Rainbow Strain 

The Rainbow Plants offers several potential medical benefits. Its Indica component may provide relief from pain, inflammation, and muscular stiffness. It can be beneficial for alleviating nausea and stimulating appetite. Additionally, the strain’s THC content may help with seizure disorder symptoms and reduce anxiety and stress.

Terpenes in Rainbow Strain 

Rainbow Plants contain a variety of terpenes, with myrcene being the dominant one. Terpenes contribute significantly to the strain’s aroma, flavor, and possible medicinal properties. Terpenes including limonene, caryophyllene, valencene, and linalool give Rainbow its signature sweet and spicy aroma.

Growing Rainbow Strain 

Rainbow runtz strains are relatively easy to grow, making them an attractive choice for both experienced and novice cultivators. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation is possible, with a nine-week bloom time. As a Rainbow variety matures, the grower is treated to a spectacular display of color.

Finding Rainbow Strains in California

Although Rainbow flowers near me from Earthly Hemps are gaining popularity, they might not be as widely available as other strains. If you’re lucky enough to find Rainbow hemp seeds or clones at Earthly Hemps, consider grabbing them for a unique and colorful addition to your hemp collection. Earthly Hemps offers a wide range of high-quality hemp strains, and their Rainbow flowers near me are sure to impress with their vibrant colors and delightful effects. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the beauty and benefits of Rainbow hemp from Earthly Hemps!


Rainbow Buds are a delightful journey into the world of hemp. They have acquired their popularity among pot smokers thanks to their eye-catching appearance, enticing scent, and pleasurable effects. Rainbow hemp is a wonderful choice for those in search of both cerebral stimulation and physical calm.

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